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Welcome to Nevada Fair Housing Center, Inc!

Nevada Fair Housing Center, Inc is a private not for profit organization based in Las Vegas, NV, with a service area that covers the Southwestern United States. We are dedicated to ensuring housing choice, as defined by law and access to credit and capital based on safe and sound financial principles. The firm has developed a unique comprehensive approach focused on education, enforcement, direct program services and community engagement private and government sector.

The firm conducts investigations and provides counseling on fair housing, fair lending, consumer protection and other federal regulatory matters. Our enforcement practice includes conciliation, mediation or legal action on behalf of aggrieved parties who have suffered discrimination as defined by federal law.

Our regional programs provide practical field data and analysis on proposed public policy and legislation. The firm is also committed to providing practical training and professional development on a variety of housing, lending and economic issues.

Program Areas

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  • Housing
  • Lending
  • Education
  • Foreclosure Prevention
  • Consumer Protection
  • Public Policy
  • Housing Preservation

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Nevada Fair Housing Center (NFHC) offers numerous programs to assist consumers in good and bad economic times to maintain one of their most valued assets – a place to call home. For example, what should the average consumer review to make sound financial decisions when accepting a home loan? A home equity line of credit? How can a consumer connect to mainstream financial institutions? What if your home is threatened with foreclosure? How can consumers avoid scams that deplete equity? NFHC provides a road map through the financial mine fields.